Wooden Punch Needle with Threader - 5.0 mm

Wooden Punch Needle with Threader - 5.0 mm

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This product is available.

This product is available.

A wooden punch needle is a tool used for punch needle embroidery. It consists of a wooden handle with a hollow needle attached to it. The needle has a small hook at the end, which is used to pull loops of yarn or thread through fabric to create a textured, raised design. Wooden punch needles are popular among crafters because they are easy to use, affordable, and durable. They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different thread or yarn weights and can be used to create a range of embroidery styles, from intricate designs to bold, graphic patterns.

Works with: 6 Ply Acrylics or 8 Ply Cotton

Size: 5 mm

Length: 6 inches approx

Tip: recommend you to buy sufficient quantity at once for your projects. Refer Yarn Guide for more information. Visit: Yarn Guide

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