Why do Crocheters love Yarn?

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Why do Crocheters love Yarn?

There really is no correct answer to the question of why crocheters love yarn. If you are a
crocheter, or know one personally, you are probably already aware of the vast amounts of
yarn that crocheters tend to hoard. Crocheters have an undeniable love for yarn. As a yarn
lover myself, here are my personal reasons for why I, as a crocheter, love yarn to bits.

Walk into a craft store or a virtual yarn store, and you will be bombarded with yarn varying
from size to colour to material and quality. Each type of yarn serves itself specifically to
different projects. A seasoned fibre artist will automatically pick the one most suitable for a
specific project, while some others may require the help of a yarn guide.
On a serious note, crocheters are advised to switch up yarn and hook sizes by having multiple
projects simultaneously to give their hands a break from the monotony of certain projects.
Which leads us to our next reason for buying more yarn!

New projects:
Another reason why crocheters love yarn is because of a project that they are excited to
begin. Crocheters are known to move swiftly from one project to the next, to the next.
Irrespective of whether the previous projects are completed or not. Crocheters are notorious
WIP-ers. I like to think it makes me feel needed because who else will complete the project,
But being distracted by more beautiful projects and equally pretty yarn could be the
underlying reason for having a bunch of yarn stocked up. Buying newer yarn for upcoming
projects that we swear we will use is an empty promise every crocheter is guilty of making.

Beauty of yarn:
Reason number 3 that crocheters love yarn is because it is truly and honestly likeable by
itself. Getting your hands on some premium quality Bamboo yarn, velvet yarn or Baby soft
yarn work better than therapy to release the happy chemicals in one's brain!

Like a stress buster, most yarn hanks are soft, squishy and beautiful to look at and hold. Yarn
is also often packaged in attractive ways that pull the strings of a crocheter's hearts. Yarn that
glides beautifully through their fingers as they work on their projects, makes good quality
yarn even more irresistible.

Means to an End:
When crocheters look at a new hank of yarn, their mind is flooded with possibilities of how
the yarn will look like as a finished product. In my personal experience, the finished product
does end up looking much more beautiful than I had ever imagined.
Yarn gives crocheters a means to lease their creativity. As a tool of the trade, yarn helps
crocheters express themselves through their art. Looking at the finished product gives a sense
of pride to the crocheter because there really is something special about making an entire
object just out of yarn.

These were my own reasons for why I love yarn, which I believe other crocheters would
agree to. Do you know of any that I missed? Share them in the comments below!

By -
Silvia Fernandes
Insta: @loop_me_knot

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